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Do you know of area waters that need cleaned or just interested in SCUBA diving, and the environment?

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The Rockland Aquanauts are always looking to perform environmental clean ups at local lakes and waterways.



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Our Mission Statement:

To provide, promote, and advance environmental protection, care, and voluntary clean-up of waterways by any and all lawful means; to promote the importance and care in every manner possible by environmental awareness and otherwise; to purchase, print, publish, and circulate literature to promote the importance and care of the waterways and the work of the Corporation. To perform all acts the Corporation may deem appropriate or advisable in such operation; to establish, provide, and voluntary clean-up waterways, to encourage, support and subsidize the cleaning and protection from pollution.




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The Rockland Aquanauts is one of the oldest and largest diving organizations in the Northeast United States, and, it is made up of a diverse group of divers of all ages, dive preferences and diving abilities (from the newly certified to the most advanced technical decompression diver). Beyond what was just stated what brings our members together is a very real common thread…We all love our environment, we all love to dive, and we all love to dive as much as we can.


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Updated 07/14/2009